Zook Sumo is one of the many contests in BAMZOOKI. Two Zooks must attempt to push the other off of a raised, circular plinth. Mostly, the stronger Zook will win, but if the Zook isn't agile enough, it may end up walking off the edge. For Series 4 of BAMZOOKI, White poles surrounded the ring and dropped after a certain amount of time. Also, instead of just the Zook hitting the floor, it instead is impaled on a bed of spikes. For the Newer version of the zook kit, it has been re-named SuperSumo. Users are allowed to play against other zooks as long as they are in the top 10.

BIG STRONG AND POWERFUL created by WhiteHockeyPenguin is popularly being dubbed the best Sumo Zook to ever exist, as well as Pusher With 4 Faces by EmeraldTalkativeShark, and Souji by Sensei_Zog.

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